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Virtual Workshops

We are so excited for our first-ever live virtual workshops! All of our workshops occurred simultaneously, so if you want to attend more than one, some of them have been recorded for you to view after the conference. See below for descriptions and recordings of the workshops!

Introduction to Coding with The Coding Space

Learn how to code with The Coding Space! At this workshop, you will learn the basics of writing code, logic, and problem solving using Scratch and our platform for learning Javascript, WoofJS. Participants will start a project with the Socratic guidance of a teacher which they can continue to work on beyond the end of the workshop. Please make sure to update to the latest version of Zoom before joining. A Windows or MacOS computer is preferred, tablets are not appropriate for this workshop. No prior coding experience necessary.

How to Break Into Tech taught by Joy Ofodu


Are you looking to break into tech and leverage LinkedIn to get the job you want in this climate? Learn how to navigate internships and non-technical entry level roles in the social media and technology industry. Actionable tips and laughter guaranteed. This is a Find Joy In Your Journey workshop. For more information,

Ciphers, Codes, & Characters: Learning the Skill of Cryptography taught by Cyber Shields

The world and especially the Internet is full of hidden codes and messages, and you would be amazed at how many you can find if you are REALLY looking! Join us during the Bit by Bit workshop to learn about cybersecurity and the art of cryptography! Come prepared to solve some fun challenges and discover some new skills. In the meantime, can you solve this: 19 5 5 25 15 21 19 15 15 14?!

Code-A-Cheese Tower Using Roblox Lua taught by CodeAdvantage

Join CodeAdvantage Lead Instructor/Curriculum Developer, Genesis Moran, on a quick dive into the world of game development. Using Roblox Studio, we will build a tower from scratch (yes, it will look like cheese) and program it to change into different cheese colors. Curious about a career in game development? Then, this is the workshop for you!

App Design Workshop taught by STEM Mindset

Join the APP DESIGN WORKSHOP run by STEM Mindset! In 45 minutes, design an app to submit to our App Design Competition. Winners will have their application built and put into Apple's App Store.


First, Think it! Think of a way to help others with an app - like supporting key workers or caring for the elderly. Tell us; Who would use it? Why would they use it? What would it do? Remember it’s your app and it can do whatever you want!


Then, Design it! Use Thunkable to build your own App idea - it's free, simple. 


Lastly, Build it! Once your idea is submitted, our team will select the winners. Winners will be assisted by expert designers and engineers to build their app. We’ll help finalize the designs, code it and ship it. Once finalized, their app will appear in the App Store.

Dream Building Workshop - Idea Generator taught by



Join us in a dream building workshop that features guided journaling exercises to learn how to dream big and chase after your own mission. In this workshop, we will focus on generating new ideas. 

This workshop will be great for you if: 

1. You want to learn how to generate purposeful and creative new ideas
2. You want to be in a virtual space flowing with new ideas
3. You need an extra creative boost with your current ideas and projects

THIS IS MY SPACESUIT is a space inspired brand that educates and inspires anyone to blast off. The brand began after NASA canceled its all-female space mission and has launched space-inspired apparel, creative kits, and educational workshops. The brand has taught workshops at Milan Fashion Week, at universities, and with organizations around the world. Join us in this upcoming one!

Bring a journal/paper and something to write with on Zoom. 

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