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WARNING: You will leave this page with brand new tech skills! Workshops will take you through a number of video tutorials on how to acquire different tech related skills given by our incredible workshop leaders! Check out our exclusive Bit by Bit videos, and feel free to explore some of the tutorial Youtube channels that we linked below and love! Read through the descriptions, pick out the workshops that interest you most (or pick all of them, we won’t judge), and prepare to have your mind blown.

Make Your Own Photoshop Using Java

This is a great way to learn about images, 2D arrays, and many other Java basics. Thank you to Katie Jergens, a Computer Science Teacher at The Dalton School, for filming this fabulous lesson to share with all of you!

If you want to take the lesson a little slower, take a look here.

Intro to Python: Superposition x Bit by Bit Workshop

Join Superposition Lead Director, Stephanie Su, in this Intro to Python programming workshop. Starting from the basics, Stephanie talks about expressions, loops, functions, and more, and shows you how to use these concepts to build a simple game of Fermi, Pico, Bagel.

To receive a copy of the slides and the detailed notes document used to plan this workshop, please fill out Superposition's form. Please also fill out the form if you'd like to provide your feedback, or would be interested in a longer version.

How to Successfully Get Internships as a High School Student: Girl Genius x Bit by Bit Workshop

In this workshop, learn from Shivali Gulati, Girl Genius Magazine's Founder and Executive Director, how to secure internships as a High School student. We can’t think of a better time to learn this than now.

Please fill out Girl Genius’ feedback form so they can learn what you thought of the workshop and create more content you’ll love.

YouTube is a great place to find more videos like these!

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