Frequently asked questions

Who is Bit by Bit for?

The conference is intended for female-identified High School students.

How much does Bit by Bit cost?

The ENTIRE conference is FREE!

How can I get involved?

If you are a high school girl, you can become an ambassador. Check out our ambassador page ( If you are woman working in the tech field or at a tech company that wants to help us, please email us at We are always interested in speakers, mentors, workshop leaders, and potential sponsors.

What if I am busy during the day of the conference?

Videos of the keynotes, panels, workshops, and mentors will be available on our website after conference day (May 23, 2020)!

How can I access the live components of the conference?

Click the “Join the Live Components” button on the homepage of this website to join our live stream from 12 pm EST to 3:30pm EST on May 23, 2020!

Do I have to register in order to attend Bit by Bit?

No! If you found the conference without registering, feel free to join in!

Do I need tech experience to attend Bit by Bit?

Bit by Bit is open to all skill levels!

How has Bit by Bit changed due to the current pandemic?

Normally, we take place in person at The Dalton School in New York City! This year, our digital version of the conference is available to anyone.

What about swag?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are unable to give out swag this year. We hope you can join us next year in person for even more swag!

Where can I find more information on Bit by Bit?

You can check us out on Instagram (@bitbybitnyc), Twitter (@bit_by_bit_nyc), or email us at!

Do I have to be from the U.S. to participate?

This year, the conference is digital and is open to everyone worldwide!

What if I’m not a high school student?

We limit our in-person conference to high school students, but since we are online this year, we are open to having female-identified attendees outside of the high school age range observe the conference.

What time zone does Bit by Bit take place in?

Bit by Bit takes place in EST!

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