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Challenge Submissions

Make sure to DM us a picture of completed challenges on Instagram @bitbybitnyc or email in order to get a shoutout on our Instagram or website! 

Hira's Thank You Card for Healthcare Workers

Hira (insta @giraffe_3000) .jpg

Sofia Rodriguez's Coding Project About Social Distancing

Stuti Garg's Number Guessing Game

Stuti Garg challenge image.png

Elena Lukac's Neri Oxman Challenge

Elena Lukac, Neri Oxman Challenge.JPG

Muhiim Ali's Neri Oxman Challenge

Muhiim Ali, Neri Oxman Challenge.JPG

Tanvi Ganapathy's Neri Oxman Challenge

Tanvi Ganapathy, Neri Oxman

Katlynn Churchwell's Neri Oxman Challenge

Katlynn Churchwell, Neri Oxman Challenge

Saya Kim-Suzuki's Neri Oxman Challenge

Saya Kim-Suzuki, Neri Oxman

Kristi Sevier's Neri Oxman Challenge

_Kristi Sevier, Neri Oxman Challenge.jpg

Liza Goldstone's Neri Oxman Challenge

Liza Goldstone, Neri Oxman Challenge.jpg

Please send us more of your challenges!

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted.

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