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The Bit by Bit Ambassador Program consists of a group of girls from across the world. Each ambassador acts as a representative for the conference at their respective school and is in charge of organizing a group of girls to attend the conference. They also promote th conference on their soical network. Additionally, ambassadors act as a student board in order to ensure that the conference will be an event that high school girls are responsive to and excited about. Ambassadors recieve service hours for their time and get to network with other ambassadors and mentors.

Bit by Bit Ambassadors

bit by bit headshot - helen li.jpg

Helen Li

8354928E-7043-468A-92E5-113090B77014_1_201_a - Isabella Graham.heic

Isabella Graham


IMG_1327 - Nuha Mozumder.JPG

Nuha Mozumder

AbbyFischlerHeadshot - Abby Fischler.jpg

Abigail Fischler

20230206_153057 - Amy Li.jpg

Amy Li

37AF1698-0576-48F7-BB83-C52AEAD4982C - Claire Juliane Almodiel.JPEG

Claire Juliane

photo - Cate E.jpg

Cate Estilo

20210304_133201-01 - Tanzila Rehman.jpeg

Tanzila Rehman

D1DBC697-B70A-4DF7-BC9E-23A54D1CEEC2 - Gabrielle Ross.jpeg

Gabrielle Ross

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